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Are Your Trees Teenagers Or Middle-Age?

If you purchased or leased your home “pre-loved” (as the Realtors like to say), then you may be wondering how old the trees in your yard are. After all, you didn’t plant them and you can’t be sure they were plated the same your year your home was built.

So, here are some tips for figuring out whether your trees are teenagers or entering middle age. First, realize that trees generally reach a maximum height and spread and then stop growing too dramatically. They do have a tell, though — their trunk size. It increases in diameter throughout its lifetime, simply adding wood to its trunk year by year.


Come Join The Arbor Day Celebration!

News And Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

If you live in the Conejo Valley, did you know that our local communities heavily promote environmentally friendly initiatives? Thousand Oaks, for example is certified as part of the “Tree City USA” program, created and operated by the Arbor Day Foundation. As part of the program, Thousand Oaks’ efforts include a tree board/department, a tree-care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program and Arbor Day observation and proclamation. (more…)

Can Trees Actually Improve Your Health?

It’s almost goes without saying – spending time in nature just feels good. Hiking through a forest is calming and peaceful. So, does the simple presence of trees in your yard have an equally healthful effect? Not so amazingly, research says yes — trees around your house can actually improve your health. (more…)

Trees And The Value Of Your Home

Look around the Conejo Valley and you’ll see homes with beautifully maintained trees in their front yards. Aside from their beauty, did you know those well-maintained trees enhance your home’s value? (more…)

Have You Ever Heard of Dendrochronology?

It’s the study of tree rings! Dendrochronologists study tree rings to better understand environmental processes and conditions, and to improve our understanding of possible future environmental issues. (more…)

A Tree Named After A President

Do you recognize this tree? If you’re a golfer, you should. It’s the famous Eisenhower Tree on the Augusta National Golf Club course in Georgia – where the Master’s is played, of course! (more…)