Bob came out immediately to view the problem trees. He removed 2 trees the next day and did the removal in 1 1/2 hours. Good riddance to the trees which ruined our sewer line.

— Ellen C. , Homeowner

Thank you, Bob! Your expertise and the quality of your work are much appreciated!  The yard looks so much better, and you have saved me many hours of labor, not to mention a few slides down the slope! Looking forward to a continuing relationship.

— Karen N., Homeowner

I would like to recommend Bob Loft for the service he provided to our home. For fifteen years he has trimmed our trees in such an artistic manner that as mature trees, they continue to bring shade and balance to our yard. In addition, he keeps scheduled appointments, adjusts his schedule for working people and employs responsible workers who leave the area cleaner than they found it.
– Glenn & Norma S., Homeowners

Mr. Robert Loft, the proprietor of The Tree Trimmer, has been in the business of tree and shrubbery care for a number of years. Not only is Robert a professional trimmer, but he also cares about his customers. His desire is to make every customer a happy, satisfied one. I have recommended Mr. Loft to many of my clients and have never had any regrets for these referrals. In fact, I have received only thanks and praise for the quality of Mr. Loft’s work. Everyone has been extremely satisfied.

Mr. Loft takes care of my personal residence so far as my trees and shrubbery needs. He has provided this service for me for many years. I have been very pleased and satisfied with the care and service Mr. Loft has provided to me.

Due to the aforementioned qualities that I have outlined concerning Mr. Loft’s skills, service and caring, I would highly recommend him for this or any future opportunity.
– Richard S., Realtor®

Dear Bob:
Thank you SO much for removing that large tree in that small yard in Moorpark! It was about to take over the neighborhood! It was my sincere pleasure to work with you. I found you to be extremely professional and reliable. I sincerely appreciate the way you billed me for your services. I did contact several other tree trimming services in the area, and you were by far the most responsive and professional.

I look forward to referring you to whomever I come across who is looking for tree service of any kind! Thank you again for providing me with such great service!

– Anita L., Manager

Dear Bob,
Thank you for the fast service! Our pool guy is happy now! Regards,

— Flore, Homeowner

Great Job! My neighbor is happy!
– Curtis, Homeowner

Bob Loft,
I sincerely appreciate your fine efforts and absolute professional style and workmanship. As I have said, You’re a “Super-Star and Living Legend”. Keep up the good work.

– Tom, Homeowner

Thanks for a great job! Your work definitely pleases my trees!
– Olga, Homeowner

Thanks for such a great job. The trees and front look wonderful! I will miss my palm tree but now I can rest at night!
– Linda, Homeowner

Dear Bob,
I appreciated the fact that you were so prompt in returning my messages the other day. I am more than pleased with the way you trimmed all the trees for me. It really opens up the yard. Thank you so much for not only the aesthetic way you trimmed the trees but also for being professional in all your contacts with me.
– Jayne, Homeowner

Dear Bob,
We have spent this week so appreciating your artistry on our tree. The ugly green blob is once again a beautiful tree and we can again see out the kitchen windows! Please thank the men on your crew for a job so very well done.
– Jan, Homeowner

Reviews From Square Payments

Great Job! — September 13, 2023

Difficult job well handled so that our neighbors are pleased. — July 17, 2023

All I can say is BRAVO! to Bob and his crew. 45 min from start to finish. WOW Thanks so much — April 19, 2023

There team was awesome! — April 12, 2023

100% satisfied. The best tree service I have had to date. — March 23, 2023

Tree is done beautifully and service was provided quickly. Very nice people too. Highly recommend Bob’s services. — January 29, 2022

Bob came out immediately to view problem trees. He removed 2 trees the next day and did the removal in 1 1/2 hours. — June 25, 2021

Very punctual for estimate appointment. Removal of tree was swift, cleaned up area. Exceptional quality of workmanship. Thank you for a job well done. — April 29, 2021

Thanks… really beautiful job… as always. Stay safe, stay well — Jackie, February 16, 2021

Forgot to mention that you have an “eye” for what is going to look good, in addition to what is “good” for the tree!! — June 26, 2019

Reviews From Customer Lobby

Cleared my yard

Bob & crew just finished removing two old trees, ground down stumps and cleared away a lot of wild bushes. They did a great job and left me a nice clean area for planting new fruit trees. I’m completely satisfied with his work!
Richard R. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 11/13/2020

Quick and responsive to emergency requests!

I really like Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer because they return my calls right away. I’ve had two or three tree emergencies where a tree has collapsed or has dropped a big limb and Bob makes it a priority to come out the very same day. I’ve been using Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer for about three years. Their responsiveness is great!
Mr Jim V. — Newbury Park , CA — 10/19/2020

Always prompt! They get the job done!

I’ve been using Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer for ten years or more. I would absolutely recommend them. I am happy with Bob and his work. They are always prompt and do what they say they’re going to do. In a few months, I’ll be calling Bob for this years’ tree trimming work. Five stars for Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer!
Mr. R. — Newbury Park, CA — 10/19/2020

Excellent pruning! Very neat! Personable!

About four years ago we hired Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer for the first time. He pruned all our fruit trees in the back yard. He also pruned the magnolia and willow trees in the front. It appeared that he did a really good job but I wasn’t sure at the time. This season the trees produced so much fruit that after we ate all we could eat, I baked and froze twelve apple pies. We still had bags and bags of fruit to donate to the food bank. After some thought, I decided to call Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer again. I can say with certainty that I am perfectly happy with the results. He did a great job. He involved us in determining how low to trim the trees. All the different varieties of fruit trees look good. Next year we’ll see how much fruit the apple, orange, and other trees produce.
Anne L. — Westlake Village , CA — 10/16/2020


I’ve been using Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer for many years. There are a lot of people out there who trim trees, but Bob knows what he’s doing. He’s a real arborist. When he and his crew are here, they get the job done, get it cleaned up, and are gone before I know it. Five stars for Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer.
Mr. Wayne E. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 10/16/2020

Superb service! Consistently high-quality work! Knowledgeable!

They are wonderful! Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer has taken care of my property for many years. I have expensive landscaping and I want someone who is going to keep it looking expensive. My palm trees have grown really big. When Bob comes with his crew, I tell them to be ruthless with the palm trees and they are. But Bob is a real arborist and don’t just lop them off at the top like some tree trimmers. Not a good look. My trees are so big they have dates that ripen and fall, attracting rodents. Not something I want. The crew is also very thorough about taking away the debris. They are polite and show up when they say they will. They follow directions. Bob Loft is very responsive to my requests for service, even when I run into him in the community. Additionally, I’m very impressed with the fact that Bob has had the same crew for years. It’s obvious that he takes good care of his people to have such a continuously stable group working for him. He is licensed and carries all the necessary insurance like workers’ comp. That’s very important to me. I appreciate that Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer isn’t taking advantage of transient workers but giving his employees stability and benefits. That plus the fact that they do a terrific job with my landscape. When my neighbor sees Bob’s truck at my house, he comes running over to hire them as long as they’re so close by. This neighbor is also very particular about his landscape and appreciates a job well done. Bob Loft does a good job.
Mrs. C. — Newbury Park, CA — 10/16/2020

Bob Loft is the best!

He knows what he’s doing with trees and things. Bob is a real arborist. He and his crew are neat and clean up their mess. Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer and his crew are all very professional. They show up on time and do an absolutely terrific job. I can’t think of anything that would improve the services of Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer!
Mrs. G. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 10/16/2020

They do a good job and I’m happy to recommend them!

I give Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer five stars because he’s thorough and does a complete job. I have confidence in Bob’s skill and I have confidence in the skills of his crew. They are neat workers, cleaning up afterward. They are also very careful with my existing plants during the tree pruning. They don’t let large limbs fall onto my mature garden. I’ve used Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer a few times and I would recommend Bob. The one improvement he could make would be better response time. Sometimes, when I call him for a job it takes a long time for him to get back to me. Once he does, the job is scheduled quickly and conveniently. We’re not talking brain surgery or astrophysics. We’re talking about tree trimming and Bob does a great job.
Mr. Or Mrs. H. — Ventura, CA — 10/16/2020

Very efficient! Very clean! Very nice!

I used another company once before, but ever since I hired Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer, I’ve never used anyone else. They have very good advertising and they do a very good job. It is easier than I ever imagined to reach them, especially now with a lot of people all backed up with work. I’ve heard estimates of three months before workers can put jobs on their schedule. Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer was so efficient and cleaned everything up very nicely. They were flexible when I once made a special little request for something else I wanted to be chopped off. Working with Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer is easy!
Bobbie T. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 09/29/2020

Trees Turned Out Fine

I had trees trimmed by Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer. The trees turned out fine and were done correctly. The only reason I gave them a four-star rating was due to the debris falling over the neighbor’s fence and they did not pick that up, my neighbor had to remove it himself.
Grant D. — Simi Valley , CA — 03/23/2020

I really enjoyed working with them!

I asked Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer to do some work in my yard recently. They took down a large birch tree and also did some tree trimming in the back yard. Bob, the owner, is a very friendly person, and I really enjoyed working with him. Overall, they did a good job for me, and I was very happy with them! They were professional, and they really knew what they were doing!
Mr. Or Mrs. P. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 03/10/2020

Excellent quality tree-trimmer and arborist at a fair price

I have used Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer twice in the past year. I thought the work that he did was absolutely excellent. I have an olive tree, and I’m very particular about keeping the olive tree healthy. I do not trust just anyone to trim my olive tree. I was particularly pleased with the work that Bob did. I think that he has a really strong knowledge of trees and how they grow. He knows how to thin them, trim them, and shape them to perfection to keep them strong and healthy. It has been an excellent overall experience, and I would definitely recommend Bob to anybody looking to have an excellent quality tree-trimming job done at a fair price!
Cliff S. — Westlake Village, CA — 02/14/2019

Professionalism with a Smile

I have used Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer for about six years. Bob has removed trees for me at least six times in the last couple of years. Bob is amiable and very comfortable to be around. He has a great sense of humor. He’s also very professional and he does a great job. After removing the tree, he cleans up the area and he removes the debris from the tree. Overall, I would just highly recommend him as a business person in that field. He and his workers are very proficient, courteous, conscientious, and professional.
Diana H. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 02/11/2019

Bob is experienced, pleasant to work with, and delivers excellent high-quality work!

Every year, I have Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer come out to take care of my trees and shrubs. This year, he pruned six or eight of the mature trees on my property and cut back some of the bushes. This keeps the trees shaped and all the dead limbs removed. Bob is a licensed arborist so I trust him to do a good job. He is excellent at his work. The whole garden looks nice. I’ve been using him for about four years. Every year, he calls to remind that trimming is due and we schedule a convenient time. I highly recommend Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer!
Katie L. — Camarillo, CA — 02/06/2019

Very good!

Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer is very good at his job! I highly recommend him. He knows what he’s doing and does it well. I am very satisfied with his work. I’d use Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer again.
Dave L. — Simi Valley, CA — 01/29/2019

They keep busy but they are worth the wait

Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer is a fantastic company. They provide great service but they are really busy so they are a little bit difficult to reach, which is the reason I gave them a four. If you are able to reach them you will definitely be pleased with their work! I will still recommend them even though I hate that they are always busy. If you need work done absolutely try to call Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer.
Gary D. — Oak Park, CA — 11/28/2018

Very Professional! Excellent Communication!

I’ve been using Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer for over twenty years, now!! They’re absolutely wonderful! The service is marvelous and Bob is fantastic. He does a marvelous job, every time and he always cleans everything up extremely well, afterwards, so I really haven’t any problems or complaints, at all! Thank you, Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer! Excellent service!
Lois L. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 11/16/2018

Johnny on the Spot! Thank You so Much! Incredible Service!

Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer is fantastic! I’ve owned my house for over a decade and been relying on Bob’s work the entire time. He’s a true arborist and he’s done a great job with all the trees on my property– even the very tall ones! His care and consistency have been a wonder for all my trees and I’d be more than happy to recommend him to others. He’s flexible, accommodating, knowledgeable, and has been very well prepared and excellently communicative over the years. Thank you so much!!
Meredith B. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 11/07/2018

He’s the best

I had Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer come out about twenty years ago on an emergency, and he performed marvelously. Then, I had his crew out again about a week ago, and they had very hard job, and – again – they performed marvelously. I really can’t complain about anything. In this area, we have trees, trees, and double trees. There are just trees everywhere. Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer has been in business in this area for about thirty years now, and if anything, he gets better and better. I appreciate him so much, and I highly recommend him!
Barb V. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 08/30/2018

Great Customer Service

We have been using Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer for quite a while now and they have provided us with numerous services. We have used their tree trimming services as well as their tree removal services. They always do a very thorough job, the team that comes out is very friendly and they do a great job of cleaning up after themselves when the job is completed. The only concern I have with them is their prices, they are fairly high but I have not checked out any other companies. We will definitely continue to use their services and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Adele & Sheldon M. — Calabasas, CA — 04/11/2018

Very Attentive and Communicative!

I hired Bob Loft the Tree Trimmer for the second time, most recently, to dig up some roots that were pushing up my patio. Like before, he was extremely friendly, and it was a very comfortable experience. He really listens to what you have to say, which I appreciated, and I’d absolutely give him excellent ratings because I felt very well communicated with. He was definitely a hard worker, and the experience was great, overall. Five stars!
Beverly F. — Westlake Village, CA — 03/20/2018

Expert service with very satisfactory results

Bob’s great. After our regular arborist retired, we were in search of a new Certified Arborist, and Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer came highly recommended. Bob is absolutely awesome, he showed up right on time and got the job done with very satisfactory results. You pay a little more for a Certified Arborist, but it is worth the cost to hire an expert in the field rather than trust your business to a company who will just hack at your trees. We’re going to make Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer our regular guy from now on.
Paul B. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 03/19/2018

Speedy Tree Trimming Service

I had a very good experience with Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer and his team. I had a few branches on some of my trees knocking against my house during some of the windier days out here so I called Bob to see what he could do. He came by with his crew the next day and got everything done very quickly ! There was no mess outside and there was no more branches hitting my house ! Thanks for everything !
Sandi C. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 06/20/2017

Unmatched service and dependable

I’ve been using Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer whenever I need any tree services. His service was unmatched as usual. He has been maintaining the trees around my house for quite a while now and I am always completely satisfied with his work. The trees always look fantastic after he’s done !He is very reasonable to work with and he always makes sure to work with my schedule to come at the time that is most convenient for both of us. I will continue to use him for the foreseeable future and will continue to recommend him to all my friends and family.
Andy G. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 06/07/2017

He Really Cares About His Customers

The last time I called Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer was for a consultation. I was putting in a couple of sycamore trees and wanted some input about the height and location. He came on a weekend and answered all my questions. He was there about 20 minutes and then refused to take any type of payment from me. I really appreciated that. I had used him before to removed 6 trees and some very mature palm trees that were too close to the pool. His prices are very fair. He’s a local guy and very responsive when you call. He really cares about the trees and above that he really cares about his customers. I highly recommend this company to anyone.
Paul W. — Moorpark, CA — 05/03/2017

Not the Cheapest But He’s the Best!

This was my second time using the services of Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer. I was happy enough after the first experience to call him back when we needed again. He was on time, fast and very clean. He showed up and did exactly what he said he’d do. He picked up everything that was on the ground before he left too. He was responsive and makes sure to call right back as soon as he can. He’s also very easy to talk to. Overall, I’m very satisfied. He’s not the cheapest but the best never are.
John D. — Thousand Oaks, CA — 05/03/2017

Excellent Service

The two guys that were sent to me from Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer were just fantastic. They did a really great job. This was my first time using this company and I was really happy with the response, the service, and everything. They came out and trimmed a 30′ palm tree for me. The price was really fair for the work they did and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I will be using them again in the future.
George H. — Moorpark, CA — 04/19/2017

Good Service

We have used Bob Loft The Tree Trimmer on a number of occasions over the past several years. They have removed trees for us and they also shave down the stump after the tree is cut down. They always cleanup everything when they are finished and we have never had an issue with their work. They are quick to respond when we call and we would recommend them to other people.
Debbie S. — Thousand Oaks , CA — 04/19/2017