Tree Trimming

Proper and regular tree trimming is important for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. Foremost, removing dead and hazardous branches from your trees ensures that your yard’s landscaping is an asset contributing to and increasing the value of your home and not detracting from it. 

In addition, tree trimming not only sustains your tree’s health, it can prevent further infection to other parts of your tree. On the flip side, though, improper tree trimming can cause serious damage to your trees. Common trimming mistakes that can negatively affect your trees include: 

  • Topping
  • Trimming at the wrong time of year
  • Over-trimming of a stressed tree
  • Using spikes to climb the trunk
  • Focusing on the interior canopy and ignoring the exterior of the tree
  • Improper pruning cuts

Any of these improper techniques can reduce the overall lifespan of your tree, create a hazardous situation, require more frequent pruning, reduce the structural integrity of the tree and simply make the tree look unsightly. 

When we evaluate your trees for trimming, we use a comprehensive approach that ensures trimming specifically tailored to your landscaping. As Certified Arborists, we take into account your tree’s growth habits, environmental changes and the location of your trees. This approach helps ensure your tree will be aesthetically pleasing, healthy and long living. 

Typically, we suggest that trees be trimmed annually to ensure maximum growth. What’s more, here in the Conejo Valley where we can experience strong Santa Ana winds, regular trimming helps reduce the likelihood that the tree’s full canopy will bear the full force of the winds.