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The ABCs of Tree Health – Part 1: Diseases

Are the trees in your yard lush and green, plagued with brown leaves and damaged bark or somewhere in between? If yours fall into that last description, it’s good to brush up on some basics to help you diagnose the problem

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Happy Tree Shopping!

News And Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Spring and summer are ideal times for planting trees, especially in  the mild climate found here in the Conejo Valley. If you’re set to buy and plant a new tree or two, here are some guidelines for picking out a high-quality tree, and for identifying any problems with a tree’s structure or roots — or spotting injuries — before you buy.


Do You Have Some Middle-Aged Trees?

News And Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Mature Tree Care: Part 1

In Thousand Oaks and throughout the Conejo Valley, we enjoy a Mediterranean climate that is ideal for many type of trees to flourish. Even with our wonderful climate, though, trees require care as they mature. Kind of like people, when trees get to middle age, they need some tender loving care! The good news is that tree care is actually an investment. Healthy trees not only beautify your yard, purify the air, and save energy by providing cooling shade in the summer and protection from winter wind — they also actually increase your property value.


A Beautiful Way To Add To Your Home’s Value

Did you know that well maintained trees add to the value of your home? A variety of studies from well regarded universities such as Clemson consistently estimate that mature trees and a well landscaped yard can increase the value of a home by anywhere from seven to 19 percent.


Come Join The Arbor Day Celebration!

If you live in the Conejo Valley, did you know that our local communities heavily promote environmentally friendly initiatives? Thousand Oaks, for example is certified as part of the “Tree City USA” program, created and operated by the Arbor Day Foundation. As part of the program, Thousand Oaks’ efforts include a tree board/department, a tree-care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program and Arbor Day observation and proclamation. (more…)

How To Plant A Containerized Tree

We’re just a few weeks away from spring, which means now is a good time to plant a new tree or two in your yard. If that’s on your to-do list, then you may end up buying a tree in a container from your local nursery. Here are some quick tips for planting that containerized tree the right way.

If you’d like to see those tips in action, here’s a good video from the Arbor Day Foundation. Happy planting!  (more…)

Choosing the Right Tree For Your Yard

News & Advice From the Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

We’re enjoying some mid-winter rain right at the moment in the Conejo Valley, but before you know it the time will be right to start spring planting.

If your landscaping plans include planting a tree or two, you’ll want to review these tips for choosing the right tree for your yard.


Look Out Below! Winter Storms and Tree Damage

Winter is upon us here in the Conejo Valley, and we can expect some high winds along with rain sometime over the next few months. Rain and wind work together to do some mischief, softening the soil to make it more likely wind will knock down a tree. All that means it’s time to think about what you should do if your trees are damaged in a storm. (more…)

Caution: Construction Zone!

News & Advice From the Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Having some remodeling or major yard work done around your house? Here’s something you may not have thought of: tree damage during construction.

The good news is that with a bit of planning it’s pretty easy to avoid damaging your beautiful trees during your construction project.


Tree Topping – Just Say No!

News & Advice From the Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Trees in the forest do quite well with just a little help from nature. That isn’t quite the case for the landscape trees that surround our homes and beautify the Conejo Valley’s streets and boulevards. Landscape trees require a more stringent level of maintenance to keep their beauty and structural integrity. The simplest description of the maintenance required is simple pruning, but that hardly captures the complexity required to prune properly, beginning with an understanding of tree biology. (more…)