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Caution: Construction Zone!

News & Advice From the Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Having some remodeling or major yard work done around your house? Here’s something you may not have thought of: tree damage during construction.

The good news is that with a bit of planning it’s pretty easy to avoid damaging your beautiful trees during your construction project.


Tree Topping – Just Say No!

News & Advice From the Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Trees in the forest do quite well with just a little help from nature. That isn’t quite the case for the landscape trees that surround our homes and beautify the Conejo Valley’s streets and boulevards. Landscape trees require a more stringent level of maintenance to keep their beauty and structural integrity. The simplest description of the maintenance required is simple pruning, but that hardly captures the complexity required to prune properly, beginning with an understanding of tree biology. (more…)

Can Trees Actually Improve Your Health?

It’s almost goes without saying – spending time in nature just feels good. Hiking through a forest is calming and peaceful. So, does the simple presence of trees in your yard have an equally healthful effect? Not so amazingly, research says yes — trees around your house can actually improve your health. (more…)

Mulch Around Your Tree Trunks? Take Care!

Whether you care for your trees yourself, or have a landscaping service handle things for you, it’s important to take care how you use mulch around your trees’ root flare. The problem is that the roots that are just above ground (the “root ball”) actually need to breathe. Many untrained lawn and yard care services get carried away with mulch around the base of your trees, piling up mulch so high it covers the root ball. (more…)

Help Protect Our Beautiful Oaks

News & Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

The beautiful oak trees that Thousand Oaks is named after are under attack. The pest causing problems is the Western oak bark beetle (WOBB). It’s a small beetle that burrows through the oak’s bark, digging shallow tunnels under the surface. After digging their tunnels, female beetles lay eggs in the tunnels, and the developing larvae then dig their own tunnels at right angles close to the surface. (more…)

Thousand Oaks Hosts Arbor/Earth Month In April

Officially named a Tree City USA city, Thousand Oaks has throughout the years shown a commitment to trees in general and oaks in particular. Which leads the city to once again celebrate Arbor/Earth Day 2018 with an impressive program. (more…)

Arbor Earth Day – April 8, 2017

On April 8, the city of Thousand Oaks will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Arbor Earth Day. And the city is going all out for the celebration.

The Arbor Earth Day festivities will be held at Thousand Oaks Community Park on 2525 North Moorpark Road from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and admission is free(more…)

Do You Know Which “Hardiness Zone” We’re In?

Do you know what a Hardiness Zone is? It’s a way that the geography of the United States and Canada has been divided up into 11 zones to reflect differences in temperature. Each zone has a 10-degree difference in annual minimum temperatures. For example, the minimum average temperature in our area, the Conejo Valley, is 30-40 degrees, which puts us in zone 10a. (more…)

Tree Pruning Tips For Spring

News & Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Can you believe it – we’re barely a month away from spring!

That means that now is the time for some routine tree pruning to make your trees healthier than ever. Fall and winter, however, are not the right times to prune all trees. (more…)

Questions To Ask Before You Hire

Tree trimming requires careful attention to safety precautions. As licensed arborists, we always take care to adhere to guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

According to the ISA, you should ask about safety before hiring a tree care worker. Questions such as: (more…)