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In this day and age there is, as they say, “an app for everything.” Thanks to work by the U.S. Forest Service and a number of private-sector partners and educational institutions, there is an app for analyzing everything from your tree’s energy savings to its predicted growth rate. Even better, it’s free.

The official i-Tree icon

The app is called i-Tree and the developers originally thought arborists and other professionals would be the ones who would use it. Lo and behold, though, it turns out that teachers, researchers, consultants and, yes, homeowners, have downloaded it and become big fans. In fact, users from 105 countries regularly send the developer suggestions for improving the app, which has resulted in the release of the latest Version, 5.0. It includes an update that allows people to use the app on a smartphone or tablet. The only drawback is that it’s only compatible with Windows-based devices — Apple users need not apply. 

Just how versatile is the updated i-Tree? A new function lets you forecast the growth and energy-saving benefits of your trees over time, using the information you provide regarding species and your location. It also lets you survey historical Google images, and evaluate the health impacts that might accrue from air pollution caused by the removal of a tree.

Worried about pests? The Pest Detection module includes a portable and standardized method of observing a tree and determining whether it’s in danger of an insect or disease problem.

If you’re interested in seeing if you could benefit from the i-Tree app, get more information and download it here.