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Do you ever spot a tree and wonder what kind it is?

It happens a lot around the Conejo Valley because we have so many trees that are not native to our area. You may even have a tree in your yard and not be exactly sure what it is. If you’re curious, here’s a good way to begin identifying your mystery tree. Go to the Arbor Day Foundation’s online “What Tree Is That?” Tree Identification Field Guide

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It will run you through a series of questions — “Does the tree bear cones and have leaves that are needle-like?” and you’ll click yes or no. After a short series of questions you’ll come to a final selection that should be your tree.

If it’s not, give me a call — I may be able to help!

P.S. In case you’re wondering about the tree above, it’s a Kentucky Coffee Tree, not native to our area but quite adaptable to our climate.