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There are all kinds of reasons homeowners need to remove a tree, ranging from new construction in the yard to an unhealthy tree that needs to be removed to simply redesigning the landscaping. Typically, when we remove a tree we also grind down the stump to clear the area for its new use. After all, who wants to have an old tree stump sticking up?

But an old stump doesn’t have to be an eyesore. There are actually many creative uses for an old stump if you’re willing to do a little work.


If you are skilled at woodworking, one striking use is to create a wood sculpture out of the stump. This takes some advance planning, however, so you’ll need to design your sculpture before you have the tree removed so that you know how much of the stump you’d like to retain. Looking for some inspiration? Take a walk around Westlake lake — there are some beautiful and really striking “stump sculptures” in the yards of the houses on the Island. You can see some of these as you walk on the greenbelt around the lake, or you can take a closeup look if you take a boat ride around the lake.

Other Creative Solutions

Not particularly skilled at working with wood? No problem — sculpting is hardly the only use for an old stump. Think about these creative solutions:

  • Turn the stump into a planter. You’ll simply need to hollow out the center of the stump, fill it with potting mix and plant a colorful array of flowers.
  • Hide it! Purchase a couple of empty planters — whether they’re plain wooden planters or old wine barrels. Place one upside down over the stump and the other upright on top of the one underneath. Fill the top planter with your favorite annuals or perennials. 
  • Have the stump cut so that it’s level, and then place an outdoor table on top of it (without table legs, of course!). As an added bonus you can even place some chairs around it if you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor seating area.
  • Take the table idea one step further — turn it into a gaming table!
  • If you’d like to simply have a natural look, consider planting climbing vines around it. There are a wide variety of vines that look really nice over an old stump and grow well in the Conejo Valley’s environment, ranging from climbing hydrangea to sweet peas.
  • Alternative ideas for a natural look include planting either tall growing plants or some tough shrubs. They should be “tough” because their roots are going to need to grow around the leftover tree roots, but that’s a very viable option and gives you the chance to choose flowering shrubs that will give your yard some color.

Finally, if this all sounds like just too much work, give us a call — we’ll be happy to give you an estimate on removing a tree and removing the stump as well!