A Beautiful Way To Add To Your Home’s Value

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Did you know that well maintained trees add to the value of your home? A variety of studies from well regarded universities such as Clemson consistently estimate that mature trees and a well landscaped yard can increase the value of a home by anywhere from seven to 19 percent.

A recent article by Angie Bersin on Redfin.com makes the point and then offers sound advice on choosing the right trees that will eventually add to your home’s value.

“A lot of factors go into the process of choosing the perfect tree for your yard,” says Bersin. “Not only must you consider the reason behind your purchase but you must also research the type of environment your landscaping trees are going to require for healthy growth. Evergreen shrubs and trees maintain their lush green foliage throughout the year, delivering a constant touch of color to your landscaping design. Deciduous shrubs and trees lose their foliage seasonally, creating a less colorful backyard design throughout the cooler months.”

In the Conejo Valley, we often select trees for their ability to provide shade in the hot summer months. But there’s more to choosing a shade tree than simply picking a nice ash tree and sitting back to watch it grow.

“Choosing a tree with the optimal shape and size for its desired location enhances the value it offers,” Bersin says. “For example, short trees with low-lying branches are ideal for areas with overhead power lines, while taller landscaping trees create excellent privacy dividers. The width of a landscaping tree’s branches determines how much shade it can provide, but also limits its placement in your outdoor design, particularly if you have a small or narrow yard.”

After a bit of research, you’ll be ready to choose the right tree for your yard. But then it’s time to get specific and choose the exact spot you’re going to plant your tree. “It’s important to look into the soil and sun requirements of any trees you intend to plant,” Bersin says. “For example, the Western hackberry may be suitable for dryer climates such as Albuquerque. Site conditions are critical for the health and growth of your trees, enhancing both beauty and longevity, while also minimizing maintenance needs. A local arborist can assist you in selecting a spot to plant your tree where it is going to thrive.”

There’s another aspect to choosing the right spot to plant your tree. It’s something that interior designers have long promoted when arranging furniture inside the home — feng shui. “Incorporating the beliefs of feng shui into landscaping efforts is a popular trend,” says Bersin, “particularly with individuals who appreciate the ability to influence the flow of energy around them. You can easily do so as long as you put some thought into your tree placement before planting.”

Bersin has more advice that’s worth a look. You can read her whole article here.