Tree trimming requires careful attention to safety precautions. As licensed arborists, we always take care to adhere to guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

According to the ISA, you should ask about safety before hiring a tree care worker. Questions such as:

  • Are you ISA certified? Always ask for ISA credentials up front to ensure the worker or company is properly trained and insured.
  • Have you worked in the area — in our case Thousand Oaks and the entire Conejo Valley area — for long? Do you know about issues that are unique to our area?
  • Do you wear the industry recommended hard hat, eye and hearing protection, and gloves as part of your safety gear?
  • Do you thoroughly look over a work site to identify trees on the property and possible hazards before beginning a job? Do you check for issues that could lead to incidents resulting in injuries or fatalities, including falling objects?

Here’s some more information on the benefits of hiring a certified arborist.

Download information from the ISA on safety requirements before hiring an arborist.

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