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Thousand Oaks Hosts Arbor/Earth Month In April

Officially named a Tree City USA city, Thousand Oaks has throughout the years shown a commitment to trees in general and oaks in particular. Which leads the city to once again celebrate Arbor/Earth Day 2018 with an impressive program. (more…)

Arbor Earth Day – April 8, 2017

On April 8, the city of Thousand Oaks will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Arbor Earth Day. And the city is going all out for the celebration.

The Arbor Earth Day festivities will be held at Thousand Oaks Community Park on 2525 North Moorpark Road from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and admission is free(more…)

Do You Know Which “Hardiness Zone” We’re In?

Do you know what a Hardiness Zone is? It’s a way that the geography of the United States and Canada has been divided up into 11 zones to reflect differences in temperature. Each zone has a 10-degree difference in annual minimum temperatures. For example, the minimum average temperature in our area, the Conejo Valley, is 30-40 degrees, which puts us in zone 10a. (more…)

Tree Pruning Tips For Spring

News & Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Can you believe it – we’re barely a month away from spring!

That means that now is the time for some routine tree pruning to make your trees healthier than ever. Fall and winter, however, are not the right times to prune all trees. (more…)

Questions To Ask Before You Hire

Tree trimming requires careful attention to safety precautions. As licensed arborists, we always take care to adhere to guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

According to the ISA, you should ask about safety before hiring a tree care worker. Questions such as: (more…)

Winterizing Your Fruit Trees

How To Make Sure Your Fruit Trees Stay Healthy Over The Winter

Okay, I know our friends back east would laugh at our brutal Southern California winter. But the fact is that if it gets down to 32 degrees — which it usually does several nights during December and January — then your fruit trees can suffer.  (more…)

It’s Time For Autumn Pruning!

Thankfully, our winters in the Conejo Valley are the envy of America. But it’s still a good idea to take some time during the autumn months to prepare your trees for winter so that they can enter spring healthy and vibrant. (more…)

Meyer Lemon Tree – Tips On Growing & Care

Did you know the Meyer Lemon isn’t a true lemon tree? It’s actually a cross between a lemon tree and a mandarin orange tree. That’s one reason it has a sweeter taste than a common lemon. Its rind is also edible, which opens up the door to different food recipes, and recently it’s become very popular in California cuisine. (more…)

Do You Know What That Tree Is?

News & Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

Do you ever spot a tree and wonder what kind it is?

It happens a lot around the Conejo Valley because we have so many trees that are not native to our area. You may even have a tree in your yard and not be exactly sure what it is. If you’re curious, here’s a good way to begin identifying your mystery tree. Go to the Arbor Day Foundation’s online “What Tree Is That?” Tree Identification Field Guide(more…)

Wondering What Kind Of Tree You Should Plant?

News & Advice From The Leading Thousand Oaks Tree Trimming Company

There are many things to consider when you’re deciding on the right tree to plant in your yard. You should think about everything from soil condition to amount of sunlight, from the choice between evergreen and deciduous to the hardiness zone you live in. (more…)